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about open house press

  • Open House Press is a new publishing venture that has as its primary remit the sharing of information on global issues by writers around the world.

  • Open House Press welcomes manuscripts from authors wishing to write on issues to promote and share knowledge and information about multicultural, social and political development in the non-western world.

  • Writers on post-colonial development or environment affairs are strongly encouraged to submit manuscripts for possible publication.

  • Open House Press is not a political publisher as such: it offers authors the opportunity to write from any contemporary or historical political perspective, as long as the views expressed do not cause offence to potential readers.

  • Open House Press publishes manuscripts written from a strongly academic perspective by experts in their field, by people working in the third world, not necessarily first language speakers of English.

If you have a title that you would like us to consider for possible publication please contact: publish@openhousepress.co.uk