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language of advertising in bangladesh

This study presents some fascinating data and shows that, while advertising strategies may be common to many cultures, how those strategies are deployed is subject to a range of factors, including political histories, economic realities, social practices and linguistic structures.

Professor Angela Goddard
York St John University

This unique volume provides a scholarly understanding of advertisement and its symbiotic relationship with language development and manipulations in Bangladesh. Being a pioneering work in this specialist field, the book should act as an essential read for the students and researchers in South Asian languages, Cultural studies and Media.

Dr Tasleem Shakur, FRSA
Co-ordinator/Senior Lecturer in Human Geography
Edge Hill University
Editor, South Asian Cultural Studies

This book is a welcome addition to the advertising market in Bangladesh. It is a revealing study of the strategies of persuasion advertisers in Bagladesh use and of the crucial underlying assumptions advertising makes. Focusing on print and electronic advertising, Dr Salman Al-Azami illustrates the range of linguistic and visual techniques advertisers use in Bangladesh to achieve emphasis and special effects. The social critic linguist and the ad ad man will all find much to enjoy in this treatment, and indeed Dr Salman Al-Azami has done a commendable job.

Dr A. R. Fatihi
Professor & Chair
Department of Linguistics
Aligarh Muslim University, India