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cities in transition

Cities in Transition is a fascinating account of architecture and planning in a globalisng world. Extending well beyond Anglo-American analysis, the chapters explore in rich detail interconnections between community identities and built environments, participatory planning and institutional practices, and the contested nature of city spaces in different parts of the globe.

Rob Kitchin, NIRSA
Professor of Human Geography, National University of Ireland
Director, National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis

21st century cities in a rapidly urbanising world need not only good and sustainable architecture, planning and urban service, they also demand a fresh vision that takes full account of local needs and cultures and wider ecological and environmental concerns, Cities in Transition explores many interrelated themes of interest to architects and planners in the developed and developing world as well as politicians and decision makers.

Ayyub Malik, ARIBA
Author and Architect Planner based in London
Co-editor, Global Built Environment Review

Cities in Transition: Transforming the Global Built Environment offers a very interesting snapshot of the dynamics and changing faces of many world cities. It provides an interdisciplinary read for all those interested in architecture, the built environment and spatial planning

Cecilia Wong, MRTPI
Professor of Planning, University of Liverpool

Cities in Transition is a timely contribution to our ongoing project of understanding the conditions of our material existence. Cities in Transition deserves to be in the library, especially, alongside Harvey's Urbanization of Injustice, King's Spaces of Global Culture, and Appadurai's Modernity at Large.
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Dr Shayer Ghafur
Associate Professor
Department of Architecture
Bangladesh University of Engineering And Technology